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About Us

Welcome to our web site, where we bring you an innovatively designed Tardigrade document bag. It is a fireproof and water resistant bag where you can store all your certificates, legal documents among other essential documents. Inspired by the tiny yet resilient animal known as a Tardigrade, the bag is perfect for your documents. Your handy safe box. It is modern, trendy and sturdy. The answer to your problems. Important documents are very vital and so finding that impeccable bag to put them in without fear of being destroyed is such a relief.

Our Tardigrade bag is fire-resistant, water resistant and aimed at safely storing your important paper possessions while you are traveling or simply keep them safe in the house or office.  The bag is well built from high quality material for optimum protection. It has a triple security closure that includes strong zipper, strong Velcro and metallic button. The outer layer is made from liquid silicon coated fibreglass, fire proof thread and zipper in addition to a double layer protection of aluminium foil fibreglass on the inside layer. This is to ensure that regardless of the harsh environment, the bag can withstand all extreme conditions with provable safety standards. The size is appropriately large to fit your documents as it measures 15 by 11 inches. The Silicon is non-itchy as well as the fibre glass. Also, this unique bag is elegant, affordable and comes with a bonus Felt Passport Holder attached to it, just for you.

A perfect solution to the safety and protection of your valuables. Worry no more about your documents.

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